Usability Consulting

As a full–service Denver web design and Internet marketing agency, Fusionbox is proud to boast extensive experience in the area of website usability. We offer our clients expert web site usability consulting and services. Not only do we maintain usability best practices on all our web designs, but we also emphasize user–friendly design throughout the website creation and development processes.

Many of our clients struggle with usability issues, wondering to themselves why users aren't staying on their site or why they are not converting. Contrary to popular belief, there is a direct connection between the usability of your website and its conversion rate (and the overall effectiveness of the site).

We can address a wide range of usability issues by defining your user's needs and then creating a site wide framework to address and satisfy those needs. That is why Fusionbox is a leader in the Denver online marketing space.

Some of the specific issues Fusionbox looks at are:
  • Site Organization – Is your site organized so that information is easy to find?
  • Site Map – Do you have a site map that outlines the organizational structure and links your pages?
  • User–friendly — Does the site address the needs of your users?
  • Text Content – Is your type scannable, easy to read, and written for the web? Do you utilize bullets, headlines, and other stylistic elements to organize and present content?
  • Call to Action – Do you have calls to action that prompt users to take desired actions like buy, download, sign up, call, or others.
  • Site Layout – Are you using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the layout of the site?

Additionally, we ensure that each of our sites are tested for cross–browser compliance, W3C validation, and ease of use, and when a site follows the principles of web usability to create a seamless user experience, the conversions will follow. At Fusionbox, we connect the usability of your web site to your bottom line.

Contact us today to see how your website can be a great example of efficient web usability.

Featured SEO Case Studies

Exito Travel:

[Screenshot: After]

  • Modern User-Centric Design
  • 12% Increase in Leads
  • Top Organic Positioning for Keywords
  • 50% Increase in Traffic


[Screenshot: After]

  • 32% Traffic Increase
  • #1 Organic Search Engine Ranking
  • Redesigned For Target Audiences
  • 24% Growth in Leads