Success Stories

SEO Success Story: Saint John's Cathedral


[Screenshot: Before]

  • Outdated Design
  • Poor Usability
  • No Content Management
  • No Search Ranking & Low Visibility


[Screenshot: After]

  • Modern User–Centric Design
  • 23% Increase in Registrations
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Top Organic Positioning for Keywords

Saint John's, a Denver Episcopal Cathedral, chose Fusionbox for website design, development, and search engine optimization (SEO).

The original Saint John's website suffered from an outdated design and poor usability. The website Fusionbox designed for Saint John's was a modern, elegant site with a clear navigational framework that spoke to target audiences while remaining user – friendly.

In addition, the site had no content management abilities, and this prevented volunteers, one of the Cathedral's target audiences, from registering online, forcing staff to spend time on the phone organizing volunteers. To solve this problem and save the Cathedral valuable time, Fusionbox built a custom content management system for volunteers to control content and registrations, saving countless hours through a streamlined registration process that functions solely online. The revamped site now has over 100 dynamic pages whose content is controlled by volunteers. This custom content management system also allows users to enter and upload images, PDFs, and MP3 files of sermons to the site.

Fusionbox also implemented an SEO solution that increased the visibility of Saint John's website for its target keyphrases, including "denver episcopal church" and many more.

The Challenge

The original Saint John's Cathedral website presented several challenges that Fusionbox was able to overcome with a stragety focused on web design, development, usability and search engine marketing.

The site suffered from:

  • Outdated Design
  • Poor Usability
  • No Content Management Functionality
  • No Search Ranking & Low Visibility

Upon completion of the design and the implementation of the Fusionbox's strategic SEM process, the effectiveness of the website dramatically improved. Soon, the site was experiencing more volunteer registrations, increased traffic, and higher organic search engine positioning.

The Results


  • 23% Increase in Volunteer Registrations
  • Clear Navigational Structure & Calls to Action
  • Development of User Base
  • Time Spent on Site Increased – "Stickiness" Factor
  • Increase of Returning Visitors


  • Site is More Accessible to Search Engines and Users
  • Design is Modern & Organized

Content Management:

  • Custom CMS allows users to upload Images, PDFs, News, and MP3 files of sermons to the site.

The Solution

In order to correct the problems restricting Saint John's website, Fusionbox implemented a user–centric strategic process, allowing us to correct the initial flaws on the site while creating a lasting solution that met the unique needs of the Cathedral.

Fusionbox made multiple improvements in each of the following areas:

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Rewrote Code – Bloated HTML Transformed Into Search Engine Accessible Structural CSS
  • Added Keyword Focus to On–Page Content & Navigation
  • Optimized Images & Content to Boost Organic Rank


  • Added User–Friendly Navigation & Internal "Breadcrumb" Trails
  • Calls–to–Action More Descriptive & Compelling
  • Simplified Volunteer Registration Forms
  • Website passed "30–Second Rule" of Usability

Content Management:

  • Created Custom CMS Allowing users to Upload Images, PDFs, News, and MP3 files of Sermons


  • Redesigned Site is Sophisticated Visually Appealing
  • Organization Encourages Registrations & Speaks to Audiences

Saint John's Cathedral now has a website that pulls its own weight and then some. Not only is it more visible thanks to Fusionbox's SEO work, but our redesign and web development have greatly improved the site's usability and the way Saint John's operates its volunteer programs, saving the institution time and money while building a user community that can dynamically control the content of the site through CMS.

Your website should be a tool that drives results that matter to you. If you aren't utilizing your website effectively, you're wasting time and foregoing valuable opportunities to simplify your unique processes, whether you are a Cathedral, a University, or a successful company.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Fusionbox today to see how we can help you interact with your target audience, building trusting relationships and user communities through your website.