Success Stories

SEO Success Story: Qualistar


[Screenshot: Before]

  • Poor Usability
  • Outdated Design
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Few Leads


[Screenshot: After]

  • 32% Traffic Increase
  • #1 Organic Search Engine Ranking
  • Redesigned For Target Audiences
  • 24% Growth in Leads

The Challenge

The original Qualistar site presented several challenges that Fusionbox was able to overcome with a new design, web development, and search engine marketing. The site suffered from:

  • Non-functional Search Tool
  • Inflexible Content Management
  • Outdated Design
  • Code Not Optimized for Search Engines
  • Lack of Targeted Traffic
  • No Content Distinctions for Target Audiences
  • Poor Usability

Upon completion of the project, which is described in detail further below, the effectiveness of the site improved dramatically, much to the delight of Qualistar.

The Fusionbox strategic process fueled an increase in traffic, organic search engine positioning, content management, and even the amount of time users spent interacting with the Qualistar site. Perhaps most importantly, the revamped website led Qualistar to experience a noticeable impact on its bottom line.

The Solution

In order to correct these flaws and create a lasting solution with sustainable results for Qualistar that not only met their online needs but increased search engine visibility and traffic, Fusionbox utilized several methods that not only made the site more accesible to search engines, but more user-friendly.

Fusionbox made multiple improvements in each of the following areas:

Search Engine Friendliness:

  • Rewrote Code - Bloated HTML Transformed Into Search Engine Accessible CSS
  • Added Keyword Focus to On-Page Content, Navigation
  • Link Building Campaign Increased Traffic & Organic Rank


  • Added "Breadcrumb" Trails to Internal Navigation
  • Created Standard Navigation
  • Moved Search Tool Above the Fold
  • Calls-to-Action More Descriptive & Compelling
  • Website passed "30-Second Rule" of Usability

Content Management:

  • Added Ability to Create Content on Any Page
  • Moved Offline Processes Online: Saved Time, Lowered Costs, Improved Employee Efficiency

Content Targeting:

  • Created Separate Content & Navigation for Distinct Target Audiences
  • Removed All Outdated Styles to Align with Best Practices


  • Redesigned to Communicate with Target Audiences
  • Replaced Stock Photography

The Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Increased Organic Search Engine Rank & Positioning
  • Obtained #1 ranking for target keywords and first page position for others
  • 32% Increase in Traffic
  • 24% Increase in Leads


  • Increase in Number of Registered Users
  • Time Spent on Site Increased

Content Management:

  • Streamlined Processes Resulted in 12% Increase in Employee Efficiency


  • Site is More Accessible
  • Targeted Design Resulted in Fewer User Help Requests

Thanks to Fusionbox's completion of this project and its various components, the site now contains separate areas for each audience that are clearly demarcated, allowing Qualistar to better communicate with its very different target audiences.

This goal was bolstered by the fact that the website now includes a custom content management system where admins can add, edit, delete, and control all the content on the site.

To see the case study (PDF) please click here.