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SEO Success Story: Adolfson & Peterson


[Screenshot: Before]

  • Outdated design
  • No brand consistency
  • Difficult navigation
  • Projects not highlighted
  • Not search engine friendly
  • No effective careers section
  • Limited content


[Screenshot: After]

  • Clean, elegant design
  • Added life and movement to the site
  • Launched search engine marketing campaign
  • Targeted content
  • Complete career section
  • Content Management with the ability to add content easily and immediately

Adolfson & Peterson Construction, one of the nation's leading construction management firms, approached Fusionbox needing a complete web solution. Fusionbox employed an integrated search strategy from the initial stages of website design through development in order to better address user needs, boost website visibility, and drive targeted leads. We built a site that users could find and use.

So far, the results have been stunning. Top rankings for keywords have led to traffic increasing 10% each month since launch, and submitted job applications have doubled. Now, the Construction Resources section of the site has positioned A&P as a thought leader in their space while helping to build the company's brand which is based upon green, environmentally-conscious construction and a commitment to job site safety. The site is now visible to search engines and users in the language they're speaking. Wow. We'll walk you through how A&P got there.

Fusionbox and A&P worked together to to build the company's online presence while driving job applicants and targeted traffic to the site. We began by gaining a detailed understanding of A&P's business goals and brand, allowing Fusionbox to create and define a set of keywords used to optimize the site.

The Challenge

The original A&P site presented several unique challenges that Fusionbox was able to overcome with an integrated stragety focused on web design, development, and search engine marketing.

  • Outdated Design
  • No Brand Consistency
  • Difficult Navigation
  • COnstruction Projects Not Highlighted
  • Code Not Optimized for Search Engines
  • Lacked an Effective "Careers" Section
  • Limited Content
  • Poor Usability
  • Multiple Audience Segments
  • Little Traffic & Few Leads

The Solution

Fusionbox began with a clean, elegant design that added life and movement to the site. After completing web development and the first stages of our SEO strategic process we launched a search engine marketing campaign focused on targeted keywords that would build the company brand and attract traffic.

Our SEO experts examined search data in order to gain insight into what users were looking for and how they were looking for it. We also considered A&P's business objectives, offerings, brand, and competitive advantage to align the keyword scope with user needs. We even incorporated these words into the site's navigation to improve website usability.

Next, Fusionbox redesigned the "Careers" section and added a content management system (CMS) that allowed A&P to add content (news, resources, jobs, and more) easily and immediately. Finally, we created targeted pieces of content and specific landing pages to align with the keyword scope, ensuring we created multiple entry points for specific user segments and visitors.

Today, A&P's site has become an essential business tool. The company maintains top rankings for a number of keywords related to green construction management, and is now recognized as a thought leader in the space thanks to an in-depth Resources section. Traffic has steadily increased, and users are spending more time on the site engaging content. We're using website analytics to refine the campaign, and our efforts have led to job applications and leads more than doubling. The site continues to impact the bottom line while providing maximum ROI.

Your website should be a tool that drives business results. If you aren't utilizing your website effectively to reach customers and create an online presence, you're not generating leads. Instead, you're wasting time and money while your competitors gain an advantage.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Fusionbox today to see how we can help you interact with your target market through your website.

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