Web Analytics

One of the greatest features of Internet marketing is that every aspect of a campaign is measurable. After all is said and done, results are what matter in today's online marketing space. Your Internet marketing efforts don't mean a thing unless you can prove that they're increasing sales and maximizing ROI. That's why Fusionbox tracks the performance of every search engine marketing campaign through web analytics.

At Fusionbox, we utilize web analytics to study users' behavior online. We collect a range of data from your website's visitors and measure it against the key performance indicators (KPIs) identified in the Discovery and Strategy phases.

This allows Fusionbox to monitor your website and make recommendations to improve your campaign. More importantly, it gives you the ability to make informed marketing decisions instead of basing them on instinct or assumption.

Ultimately, we'll help you maximize ROI through a continuous process of measurement and refinement that ensures your marketing dollar goes as far as it can.

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Our web analytics service measures a range of metrics that are relevant to your business. Typical metrics include the amount and origin traffic, user clickpaths, landing page efficiency and conversions, departure points, click heat mapping, geographic locations of users, and even what keywords users found your site with through search queries.

We can also design and measure custom metrics. How much does it cost to convert a visitor into a customer? What keywords are working and which aren't? Fusionbox's team utilizes web analytics to answer these questions and more. Whether you're focused on natural or paid search, Fusionbox can provide you with the essential information and reliable guidance you need to get to the top and stay there.

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