Search Engine Marketing Strategy (SEM)

All too often, companies begin search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns without a coherent strategy. Whether this is a consequence of improper planning, ignorance or misunderstanding about this new advertising medium, the implications are clear: If you're not getting the optimal return on your investment, you're wasting time and money on campaigns that could perform better for you. With that said, it's no secret that any search engine marketing campaign needs a predefined strategy in order to be successful.

As with any marketing initiative, the proper key performance indicators (KPIs) must be discovered, defined, measured, and refined in order to ensure success. This is especially true in the online marketing space. That's why Fusionbox believes that a successful SEM strategy is built from the ground up on a foundation of research, testing, measurement, and usability. We seek to understand your business model, objectives, and goals in order to create a unique Internet marketing solution that drives results. After all, at the end of the day results are what really matter.

Fusionbox specializes in creating search engine marketing strategies that function as complete solutions. Our time-tested and results proven SEM strategic planning process ensures that your unique needs and goals (as well as those of your target audience) are effectively defined prior to implementation of any SEO, PPC, or other facet of a full Internet marketing solution.

The SEM solutions created and implemented by Fusionbox will increase the visibility of your website and drive targeted traffic to your website. Our search engine friendly designs ensure superior user experiences while facilitating a rise in your search engine rank and organic positioning.

We utilize our expertise and experience to help clients engage the market through their websites, creating opportunities to build trusting, valued relationships with customers while maintaining a branded message. Our clients have watched as traffic to their websites soared, generated qualified leads, and increased conversions and sales that impacted their bottom lines.

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Fusionbox's Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategic Planning Process:

Our SEM strategies are defined and implemented with the following principles to ensure that your website will be found by those looking for it while maximizing ROI.

Flexibility: The best search engine marketing strategies ultimately depend on keyword selection. This is why Fusionbox focuses on researching and identifying those keywords your target audience will use to search for you. We identify primary and secondary keywords to create a range of phrases with which you'll ultimately be found. Persona development is critical to our process, for in order to understand the language users will use to search for you, we have to understand your users themselves.

Balance: Fusionbox offers complete search engine marketing solutions that build your online presence through several methods. These include:

Measurement: The ability to measure is an essential component of any successful SEM campaign. That's why we utilize web analytics to track every aspect of user behavior within your campaign. We measure traffic, user paths, keyword placement and effectiveness, page views, conversions, and much more. Then we compare this data to your predefined key performance indicators to improve and refine your campaign effectiveness while measuring ROI.

As a Denver Internet marketing company with over six years of experience in the ever evolving domain of search, Fusionbox specializes in crafting and implementing SEM strategies for our clients that are targeted, measurable, and results-driven.

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