Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Denver-based Fusionbox offers Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing services, campaign development and management. As one of the fastest growing advertising channels, our Pay Per Click services are another essential element of a cost effective search engine marketing strategy. Still, many companies lack the knowledge and experience to manage their own PPC marketing campaigns. Our pay per click advertising strategy is based on up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, experience, and a focus on customer service.

When managed correctly, PPC offers you control and precision over where your branded message appears, and increases the visibility of your website. Pay Per Click is the premier tool for local advertising, and it drives qualified traffic to selected pages on your website while providing exceptional ROI. Pay Per Click marketing also provides valuable measurable information on keyword performance, conversions, and customer behavior.

So how does Fusionbox manage a PPC marketing campaign?

Phase One: PPC Campaign Defintion and Development

We begin by researching and identifying your most high-level primary keywords and phrases. We then begin the keyword bid process, taking into consideration your budget, target audience and reach, and geographic location.

Phase Two: PPC Campaign Implementation and Management

As your PPC campaign develops, the Fusionbox team continues to research and test new keywords while using web analytics to remove those that aren't performing well. We track keyword conversions, market demographics, and provide traffic reports in order to ensure that your campaign functions effectively and creates high ROI.

Phase Three: Monthly Account Maintenance and Refinement

We will send you a monthly report detailing the performance of your pay per click marketing campaign. This focus on analytics and performance data is the key to a successful PPC campaign. Fusionbox's team of PPC specialists will utilize this data to make modifications and improvements to your campaign and keyword bids in order to ensure you achieve the highest ROI possible.

As a Denver Internet marketing company with over six years of experience in the ever evolving domain of search, both paid and organic, Fusionbox specializes in crafting and enacting SEM services and strategies for our Denver clients that are targeted, measurable, and results-driven.

Contact us today and let us know how we can improve your online presence through PPC and paid search engine marketing, driving targeted traffic to your site while maximizing ROI.